Fiqih Keluarga Muslim

Kuliah Fiqih Keluarga Muslim diadakan secara percuma pada setiap Selasa selepas solat Maghrib. Dipimpin oleh Ustaz Jazair Jummat dengan kitab ‘Fiqih Manhaji’. Terbuka untuk Muslimin dan Muslimat di Dewan Solat Utama malam ini.

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Bimbingan Mu’minin

Kuliah Bimbingan Mu’minin diadakan secara percuma setiap bulan pada Ahad ke-4 selepas solat Subuh. Dipimpin oleh Ustaz Md Noor Samat. Marilah meraih keberkatan pagi Ahad anda dengan solat Subuh berjemaah di Masjid dan menghadirkan diri dalam majlis ilmu. Terbuka untuk Muslimin dan Muslimat di Dewan Solat Utama.

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Fiqih Ehwal Semasa

Ustaz Muhd Syafiee akan mengenalkan fatwa-fatwa isu semasa kini dalam Kuliah Fiqih Ehwal Semasa yang diadakan secara percuma pada setiap Jumaat selepas solat Maghrib dengan menggunakan kitab ‘Fatwa-fatwa Kontemporari’. Terbuka untuk Muslimin dan Muslimat di Dewan Solat Utama.

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Zero to Hero : Jom Belajar Ngaji!

ZERO TO HERO IS BACK! Want to learn to recite the Quran but don’t know how to start? Start at your own level and at your own pace. Zero to Hero is a 1-to-1 Quran recitation program open to youth of any level of fluency. Whether you are just starting out to pick up the…

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Infaq Aircon

INFAQ AIRCON   Among the areas for improvement the Mosque is working towards is air circulation and quality. Kampung Siglap Mosque will be installing more air-conditioners and blowers in hope to create a more conducive and comfortable environment for our dear congregants, students, and other Mosque users. The air-conditioners will cater for classes, Friday prayers…

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40 Hadith

Apakah amalan-amalan yang tampak sedikit, namun pahalanya berganda? Mari kita mempelajari amalan-amalan ini dalam kuliah baru kami, bimbingan Ustaz Najib Ahmad, secara percuma pada Ahad ke-2 setiap bulan selepas solat Subuh. Terbuka untuk Muslimin dan Muslimat di Dewan Solat Utama.

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Sponsor an Islamic Learner

It’s an initiative to support and motivate students that are facing difficulty in paying for their Islamic education provided by Darul Quran MKS. Every dollar will go to ensuring that every year, all 2000+ students of DQSMKS receive a quality Islamic education that will be beneficial for their lives now and in the hereafter.

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Infaq Ilmu

Supports the lifelong learning of students in areas of Quranic proficiency, skills and values essential to their daily lives through tarbiyah programmes and certification. Every contribution will assist DQSMKS to organise a concerted effort in realising Jeelun Quraniy for the Muslim community in Singapore. Your generosity will assist us in our Mission in continuing to…

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Al-Quran & Fardhu Ain (Tamil)

Kuliah Al-Quran & Fardhu Ain (Tamil) is led by Ustaz Mohamad Ilyas Bin Jamali every Saturday, 4:30pm at MKS Old Mosque.

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STAQ: Sijil Tajwid Al-Quran

Sijil Tajwid Al-Quran (STAQ) Kursus tajwid peringkat lanjutan tinggi ini direka khas oleh Almarhum Ustaz Hassan Azhari, Ustaz Salehuddin Omar dan pakar-pakar Al-Quran dari Malaysia. Dibimbingi oleh juri tilawah antarabangsa Malaysia, Ustaz Salehuddin Omar, peserta akan diberikan pendedahan kepada Talaqi Musyafahah dan Ilmu Taranum selain daripada mempelajari hukum-hukum tajwid dengan terperinci. Modul 1 akan bermula…

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