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Qiyamullail on Labour Day


Have you had plans for the upcoming public holiday on Labour Day? Whatever your plans may be, let’s start off our OFF day with Qiyamullail (night prayer) which will be led by Ustaz Muhd Syafiq Jamil! Then the congregational Subuh prayer, followed by a lecture titled “Kesan Melakukan Dosa Dalam Kehidupan Seharian” which will be…

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Youth Forum: Historical Islamic Figures – Imam Al-Shafi’i


How well do you know Imam Al-Shafi’i? MKS youth (Fityah Fatayat) is back with another mini interactive forum! Most Muslims in Singapore and Southeast Asia as a whole adhere to the Syafi’ee mazhab in Fiqh. This mazhab was named after its founder Abu Abdillah Muhammad Ibn Idris al-Shafi’i A.K.A. Imam al-Shafi’i. Do you know who…

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Bajet Dalam Beramal (Edisi Ramadan 1439H)


Bring your families and friends along to this year’s exclusive RAMADHAN EDITION forum jointly organised by the Dakwah Department of Muhammadiyah and Kampung Siglap Mosque. The Panelists are Ustaz Dr Saifuddin Amin and Ustaz Jazair Jumat, along with Ustaz Md Ishlaahuddin Jumat as the Moderator. SAVE THE DATE! Date: 28 April 2018, Saturday Time: After…

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Qiyamullail pada cuti umum


AYUH! Hidupkan cuti umum anda bersama kami di Masjid Kampung Siglap!

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Walkaton & Futsal

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Majlis Taklimat Ibadah Korban

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