Conference: Voice of Repentance 2

“I’ve sinned, what should I do?”
”Does my circle of friends matter?”
”How do I stay consistent in this journey?”

Looking for answers to these questions? Don’t worry, Fityah-Fatayat is back with a forum not to be missed,
Voice Of Repentance 2 is a follow-up event to the previous Voice of Repentance where will be covering more on the meaning of Tawbah, consistency after tawbah and many more 🤭!
Join us in this enlightening session, graced by the esteemed line of speakers: Ustaz Faritz, Ustaz Tamliikhaa and Ustazah Shameem!
In addition to this, we will also have Brother Indra who will be sharing more on his personal experience followed by a performance by the one and only Has Buskers!
Venue: Suntec City Convention Centre Room 311
Date (Day): 1st May 2019 (Wednesday, PH)
Time: 9.00 am – 1.00 pm (Registration starts at 8.45 am)
Fees: $15

What are you waiting for?


See you there, insyaaAllah! 🤗