Pay Fees Online

We are pleased to offer more convenient and quick ways for you to make payment.

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Pay Fees via PayNow or Fund Transfer


Scan QR code below or enter UEN S02MQ0050D into the PayNow app

QR Code (Static) paynowunfilled

No PayNow? Fund Transfer.


Fund Transfer

to OCBC Current Account

534-3268-2200-1 (for Non-OCBC account) 3268-2200-1 (for OCBC account)

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Verification of Online Fee Payment

Kindly complete this form after online payment has been made.
A screenshot of the transaction details is required to complete this form.


Please upload screenshot of payment transaction details here. Fund transfer to OCBC bank account 534326822001 or PayNow to UEN no. S02MQ0050D.