Kad Kerabat MKS

Istiqamah Bersama Al-Quran Subscription Programme
We need donors whom are committed in assisting us to produce more materials and at the same time outreaching our specialised Quranic programmes to our community.
Our previous efforts in production are:
1. Quran Mushaf Singapura – First mushaf designed and written by hand by Singaporean asatizahs and individuals.
2. AQIL Book – A basic fardhu ‘ain and Quran literacy book to assist not only students but asatizah providing early Islamic learning.
Currently, we are focusing in Research & Development works to produce materials that shall guide our community on the right methodology of understanding the Quran with ease. Besides that, classes and courses are ongoing every week, such as Lughatul Quran and Kaedah Tafsir al-Quran.
Now, should you subscribe to us with a monthly donation amount of $10 or $100 for a period of 1-year, imagine the rewards and benefits not only you may gain – insha’Allah – but our community as a whole might benefit.
For $10 contribution, subscribers shall enjoy 10% off on all DQS progs and items.
For $100 contribution, 10% off on all DQS progs and items as well as a copy of Mushaf Quran Singapura shall be presented as a waqaf gift to a student in need or a mosque in Singapore.
* 10% discount is not valid for schools (Tahfiz, Preschool & STAQ)
 The special edition MKSDQS Kerabat Card shall be mailed to the contributor within 3 weeks. Attached herewith the form to be filled.
Fill your contact details below and our representatives shall contact you immediately.
Thank You.
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