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Asatizah Recognition Scheme Tier 2

(formerly known as QTRS)

In line with the Mandatory ARS with effect from Jan 2017, QTRS has been integrated into the ARS system. The name ‘QTRS’ has been changed to ‘ARS Tier 2’ (for Quran Teachers).

For Quran Teachers already certified with the QTRS, their names has been included in the ARS Asatizah Directory under Tier 2.

For Quran Teachers who have both the QTRS and ARS certification, their name will only be shown in the Tier 1 category and not in Tier 2. However, they are still certified to teach as a Quran Teacher.

How to apply for ARS?

New application is to be made through ARS with a one-time registration fee of $10. The form can be downloaded from the ARS website. Once completed, the form, together with the applicant’s certificates, is to be submitted to the ARS Secretariat office personally, either via post or email.

The ARB will assess all applications before issuing any recognition. Wherever necessary, Darul Quran Singapore will facilitate the interview sessions for Tier 2. The ARB may also recommend courses to unsuccessful applicants to undergo or upgrade their quality of Quran Teaching and qualify for the scheme.

Courses for Quran Teachers offered by Darul Quran Singapore (DQS)

Darul Quran Singapore (DQS) provides a platform for Quran teachers to upgrade their knowledge of the Quran through various courses. This is to ensure that the Quran teachers are equipped with the various skills and sciences of the Quran thus value-adding their teaching capabilities.

Currently, DQS offers 2 specialised programs:

  1. Specialised Certificate for Quran Teachers (SCQT)

  2. Specialised Diploma for Quran Teachers (SDQT)

These programs are structured in such a way that graduates from SCQT are eligible to apply for ARS Tier 2 QT2 grade while graduates from SDQT are eligible to apply for ARS Tier 2 QT1 grade.

Quran Teachers Recognition Scheme

(now known as ARS Tier 2)

Quran Teachers Recognition Scheme (QTRS) was initiated in 2009 by the Asatizah Recognition Board (ARB) to recognise those who are qualified to teach Quranic lessons in Singapore and administered by Darul Quran Singapura. In forming the QTRS, MUIS through Asatizah Network Strategic Unit (ANSU) had 15 consultation sessions with the ARB, groups doing Quran recitation like Q7, Jamaatul Qura, Persatuan Guru-Guru Quran (PERGERAQ) and the secretariat. The recognition was given to the teachers based on their qualifications and experiences in the hope of encouraging those who teach the Quran to continue upgrading the quality of their teaching. Recognition of Quran teachers help to ensure that the community receives quality and correct Quranic knowledge.

Quran Teachers Selection Committee (QTSC)

A committee called the Quran Teachers Selection Committee (QTSC) was formed to provide overall directions, approve all nominations or applications, and oversee the professional conduct of all approved Quran teachers in the performance of their teachings to the community. The QTSC was chaired by Ustaz Mohamed Qusairy Bin Thaha, Head of Darul Quran Singapore from 2009-2021 and supported by Darul Quran Singapore (DQS), Masjid Kampung Siglap as the secretariat to the scheme.

Selection Criteria for QTSC Members

The members of the Committee are chosen based on their academic qualifications and expertise, their present profession and past experiences and exposure in the fields of Quran that qualifies them to be part of QTSC.

Why the need to categorise Quran Teachers?

  • To provide the community with a listing of Quran teachers with the necessary qualification
  • To structure the teachings of Quran to meet the needs of the community
  • To ensure the continuous upgrade of the teachers’ knowledge and understanding of the Quran