The idea to setup a centre dedicated for memorization of Al-Quran was first mooted in the early 1990s. A few years later, the Lembaga Pendidikan Al-Quran Singapura (LPQS) was formed. Among the Board’s objectives is to provide a venue for local Muslims to memorize and learn Al-Quran.

In 1999, the old Kg Siglap Mosque’s building was identified as a that venue. It was selected due to its location, away from the hustle and bustle of city life, its tranquil surrounding and village-like architecture. It symbolize the need to return to one’s root through Al-Quran.

On a Mission

To increase the awareness on the importance of memorizing Al-Quran.

Quranic Education for All

Start from the basics or step up into advanced courses.

Towards a Vision

To create a generation of Huffaz.

The building was renovated to a tune of $30,000 funded by the Islamic Religious Council of Singapore. The setting up of a centre to memorize Al-Quran was announced during Majlis Zikral Hijrah 1420H on 16 April 1999. On 30 Mei 1999, Pusat Tahfiz Al-Quran Singapura opened its doors to the its first batch of students. On 18 July 1999, it was officially opened by Mufti of Singapore, President of Muis and other dignitaries and ulama.

In 2005, Islamic Religious Council of Singapore decided that PTS can be independent financially and hence stop its annual $100K funding. In 2006, PTS role was widen to include all programmes related to Quranic memorization and recitation. In 2009, PTS is known as Darul Quran Singapura and officially launched by Dr Yaacob Ibrahim, Minister In Charge of Muslim Affairs.

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