MKS Kindergarten

To create and build a dynamic and holistic Islamic integrated curriculum built upon Qur'an and Sunnah as basic beliefs and guiding principles and using the best early learning methodology and technology.

Our Teachers possess professional certifications in Early Childhood Education (basic and intermediate), Preschool Teaching as well as Diploma in Early Childhood Education.

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Integrated holistic Islamic education

Emphasis towards understanding Islam as a way of life

Fostering good Muslim behavior

Molding minds to think creatively

Developing potentials

Health Education



English | Malay | Arabic

Mathematics | Science

Social Studies | Geography

Early Qur'an Recital | Juz 'Amma | Daily Du'a | Selected Hadith

Creativity | Art & Craft

Outdoor & Movement

Nursery | K1 | K2

4 - 6-year old


$220 / month



Registration Fee: S$50


Monday - Thursday

Session A | 8AM - 11AM

Session B | 11AM - 2PM

Session C | 2PM - 5PM


Session A | 8AM - 10AM

Session B | 10AM - 12PM

Session C | 12PM - 2PM