General Enquiries

What time does the Customer Service Counter open?
Our Customer Service Counter is open on:
Mon - Sat         | 8:30am-5:30pm
Sun                    | 8:30am-12:30pm
We are closed on PH & during Fardh Prayers
How to contact MKS?
4 ways to reach us: Call, Email, Meet or Mail us
How to go to MKS?
We are located at 451 Marine Parade Road, Singapore 449283.
By bus
Bus services at nearby bus stop (93031)
4N, 31, 43, 47, 48, 196, 196E, 197, 853C
Bus services at nearby bus stop opposite MKS (93201)
31, 36, 43, 47, 48, 55, 135, 155, 196, 196E, 197, 401, 853C
By train
Nearest MRT: Bedok (EW5)
By car
You may park along Kampung Siglap Rd.
How to send feedback?
Thank you. We would love to hear your feedback. Please write to us via the message box below.
How to apply for a job at MKS?
Alhamdulillah for your interest in starting a career in a mosque. Check out our Career page regularly for Job Opportunities at Kampung Siglap Mosque. We will also broadcast it on Facebook so be sure to like our page to get instant updates!
Does MKS allocate prayer area for women during Friday prayer?
Yes. As usual, the women's prayer area is located on Level 1. Only on Fridays between 12pm-2pm, it will be set up smaller so to accommodate more Muslimin.
Can I use CDA (Baby Bonus) card for my child's Kindergarten registration?
Yes. CDA Nets can be used for Kindergarten registration only. Payment for a.L.I.V.E, Madrasah or TPA programs are not allowed to be made from the CDA.
Can I pay by NETS?
Yes. We accept payment in NETS, cash, cheque as well as online modes including PayNow and Fund Transfer.
Can I pay by Internet Banking?
Yes. We accept fund transfer through iBanking to our OCBC account 534326822001.
After payment has been made, send us the following details to +65 9382 8849 or [email protected] .
Date of Transfer
Reference No.
Payment for
Note: For non-OCBC account holders, payment cannot be made via ATM. Only iBanking or cash desposit is allowed.
Can I pay by PayNow?

Payments can now be made through PayNow.

Enter UEN No: S02MQ0050D in the PayNow app.

Please state in the Reference section and send the proof of transaction via WhatsApp to our official line at +65 9382 8849.


Does MKS sell food within the mosque?
Currently our cafe is not in operation. We only have vending machines that sell hot and cold beverages and snacks.
But don't worry. MKS is located in a district that offers us a number of options for good food. Here are some eateries we have explored:
  • Restaurants & Fast Food along Upper East Coast Road
  • Parkway Parade
  • Bedok Central (Botak Jefri chicken rice is a must-try!)
  • Bedok Mall (Encik Tan, Crave, Stuffed and more!)
Where is the nearest ATM?
Nearby ATM:
  • SPC Petrol Station - DBS & UOB only
  • Parkway Parade
Can I hold my wedding ceremony at MKS?
Masya Allah, how grateful are you to consider holding your solemnisation (nikah) ceremony in a mosque. We welcome you with big hands though it is subject to availability. 
Email us the following details to [email protected] at least 3 months in advance.
Applicant's Name
Name of Bride/Groom
Date of Nikah
Time of Event
We will respond to you via email after which, confirmation of booking is upon your response. We do not put a fee for hosting your big day but we would greatly appreciate donation in any amount.
A few rules to highlight:
Main Prayer Hall, Level 1
Book at least 3 months in advance. Hold your nikah anyday, anytime. Please avoid peak periods during fardh prayers.
There is no venue rental fee but we strongly encourage donation of any amount. Receive a Quran Mushaf Singapura for a donation of $100 or more.
Only light refreshment provided by own caterer is allowed. MKS can serve hot tea at $35 and syrup drink at $25. Our venue doesn't support walimah.
Dress Code
As Muslims, it is our duty to observe the dress code of a Muslim and guard our aurah for both women as well as men.

Social Service

Am i eligible to apply financial assistance at Masjid Kampung siglap?

You may apply for financial assistance if your residence postal code begins with 1st two digits of 6-digits 39, 44, 45 (Joo chiat, Old airport road, Cassia Crescent & Marine parade). Otherwise, we will refer you to the mosque within your area.

How do I apply for Financial assistance?

Reach us by phone at 62437060 and make an appointment with our Social Development Officer (SDO) for available date and time. 


What should I bring during appointment for first time applicant?

Please bring along the following : 

1)Your NRIC, NRIC of spouse, family members within the same household
2)Birth certificate of children
3)Marriage and divorce certificate if applicable
4)Latest payslip
5)Latest CPF statement
6)Updated bank book/updated bank statement
7)Medical appointment card/medical memo/medical bill
8)Latest Service&Conservancy charges bill,Latest Power supply bill and HDB rental bill
9)Prison's visitor card, if applicable
10)Documents on assistance received from other organisation,if applicable
How long does it take for approval?

We will take around 6-8 weeks after date of assessment/review.

How do I know if my application is successful?

Once your application has been assessed and approved, you will receive a letter through mail and cash through giro in your bank account.

Youth Development

What is Fityah-Fatayat?
Fityah-Fatayat is the group name of Masjid Kampung Siglap's youth. Fityah literally means youth for boys and Fatayat is for girls. The word was inspired by Surah Kahfi, verse 13.
How can I become a youth member?
Simply sign up online here and fill up the form provided on the page.
What does a youth a member do?
As a youth, you will be actively engaged in discussions with a group of members to come up with or organize youth programs, such as forums, community engagement and sports activities.
What can I gain if i become one?
There's a variety of benefits that you can gain from being a youth member such as opportunities to be involved in volunteering work as well as to be able to organize events. This will indirectly contribute to developing useful skills in yourself that are profitable in the near future.
Do I have to be very committed to it?
No. Being a youth member is a voluntary pursuit. In cases where you are not able to help out in the planning, you are more than welcome to take part in the activities as a participant.
What is the age range to be part of MKS Youth?
12 - 25 years old
Is there any membership fee?
It's totally FREE! Simply register here!
Can I pay by NETS?
Yes. We accept payment in NETS, cash and cheque.
Can I pay by Internet Banking?
Yes. We accept fund transfer through iBanking to our OCBC account 534-326822001.
After payment has been made, send us the following details to +65 9382 8849 or [email protected] .
Date of Transfer
Reference No.
Payment for
Note: For non-OCBC account holders, payment cannot be made via ATM. Only iBanking or cash desposit is allowed.

Taman Pengajian Al-Quran

Is Fardhu 'Ain taught at TPA?
TPA focuses on providing a holistic Quranic knowledge. Fardhu 'Ain is not taught at TPA.
Do you need to have basic Quranic / Iqra’ knowledge to join TPA?
Students enrolled to TPA are not required to have basic Quranic knowledge. Our Teachers at TPA will assess the student’s capabilities individually and teach Iqra’ according to their level.
How are the classes conducted?
1. Opening Du’a & Surah Memorisation
Every class will begin with Du’a and Surah memorisation.
2. Circle Time
Subsequently, during Circle Time, students are introduced to the Surah and its meaning through translation and fun activities. Students are also taught to write basic Quranic letters as well as Tajwid.
3. Individual Recitation & Worksheets
Afterwards, teachers have individual students recite with them, while their peers complete their assigned worksheets.
Each student will be equipped to recite fluently and memorise the Surah assigned to them.
What is the teacher-student ratio?
We have 3 teachers overseeing Tadiqu class and 2 overseeing Basic 1, Basic 2 & Basic Advanced classes.
Individual Recitation
  • Tadiqu - 1 Teacher : 7 Students
  • Basic 1, Basic 2 & Basic Advanced - 1 Teacher : 10 Students
This arrangement ensures sufficient time for teachers to work with every student on his / her Iqra’ / Quranic recitation.
Is TPA part of the Tahfiz programme?
TPA and Tahfiz are two separate programmes offered by Darul Quran.
TPA equips children with holistic Quranic knowledge including recitation, writing, Tajwid and memorisation of Surahs. Unlike the Tahfiz programme, TPA does not focus on memorisation of the entire Quran, .
We recommend students to enrol into the Tahfiz programme after completing TPA.
Students are expected to be able to recite the Quran prior admission to the Tahfiz programme. Hence, students are required to undergo an Entrance Test. This is where TPA comes in to first build a strong foundation in Quran recitation.

Madrasah MKS (2MKS)

What are the Programmes offered at Weekend Madrasah MKS?
We offer a.L.I.V.E. Programmes for children aged 5-8 (Kids a.L.I.V.E.), 9-12 (Tweens a.L.I.V.E.), and our in-house Madrasah Programme for teens aged 13-16 (Secondary).
What is the a.L.I.V.E. Programme?
The aLIVE programmes aim to develop soleh/solehah (pious/righteous) children who are nurtured with taqwa (God-consciousness) and good akhlak (character), knowledgeable in Islam, practicing Muslims, and show care and concern towards others.
Are the Asatizahs qualified to teach at 2MKS?
All our Asatizahs are certified under the Asatizah Recognition Scheme (ARS), and have succeeded in their interviews.
What are the sessions available at 2MKS?
We have an afternoon session on Saturdays from 2pm – 5pm & Sunday 9:30am – 12:30pm for all levels.
How do I enrol my child to 2MKS?
You may call us at 6243 7060 or drop by our Customer Service Counter at Level 1 during operating hours to check on the availability.
How much are the fees at 2MKS?
School fees are charged at $40 per month. In addition, material fees of $65 for Kids & Tweens aLIVE / $20 for Secondary are required every year.
I have difficulties paying the school fees. Does the Mosque provide financial assistance?
The Mosque provides financial assistance to those in need, insya Allah. You may speak to us at 6243 7060 or drop by our Customer Service Counter at Level 1 during operating hours.
Other than lessons in the classroom, does 2MKS conduct experiential learning journeys and such?
2MKS also offers our students interactive learning outdoor such as learning journeys and camps.

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