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Ramadan Quote Day 23 : Ramadan and Staying United

23 Ramadan 1441H Ramadan and Staying United Getting along with people is something Islam encourages, But properly choosing our companions is what is recommended. However, facing the various forms of human character with nobility is what is commanded. ”Act with courtesy and avoid enmity and evil, for indeed if courtesy is found in anything, it…

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Ramadan Quote Day 22 : Ramadan and Staying United

22 Ramadan 1441H Ramadan and Staying United Do not look wrongly to those who avoid that which is unclear. Do not look down on those who chose to take the dispensations in religion. Do not complicate matters for Islam is easy. Instead, measure the extent to which we are pursuing the pleasure of Allah. ”And…

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Forum Sempena Nuzul Quran: Saidatina Maryam a.s.

Maryam a.s. merupakan satu-satunya wanita yang dinamakan sebuah surah dalam Al-Quran sempenanya. Maka apakah keistimewaan beliau? Apakah kisahnya? Dan apakah isi kandungan Surah Maryam yang boleh kita mengambil pengajaran? Insya Allah soalan-soalan ini akan dikupas dalam Forum sempena Nuzul Quran bersama Ustazah Nurul ‘Izzah Khamsani (@izzahkhamsani) dan Ustazah Marghfirah Mokhtar (@marghmm). Ia akan disiarkan secara…

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