Burberry Perfume

Finding a gift for your loved ones?

And giving sadaqah at the same time?

How about getting a Burberry Perfume off the shelf from a mosque?

The Beat Perfume was a gift to Kampung Siglap Mosque by a generous soul for 1 reason – to generate a funds for the Mosque from its sales proceeds.

Come support our Mosque in this charity sale by getting one, two, or three boxes from our Customer Service Counter today!

For only $25, the Beat perfume comes with a pairing shower gel neatly packed in a gift box, making it a perfect gift for men. And even better, we will throw in a pack of our exclusive Raya envelopes in the box as well.


This promotion is not intended to advertise nor to represent anyone desiring representation. 100% sales proceeds go to the Mosque General Fund.