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Zero to Hero : Jom Belajar Ngaji!

ZERO TO HERO IS BACK! Want to learn to recite the Quran but don’t know how to start? Start at your own level and at your own pace. Zero to Hero is a 1-to-1 Quran recitation program open to youth of any level of fluency. Whether you are just starting out to pick up the…

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Infaq Aircon

INFAQ AIRCON   Among the areas for improvement the Mosque is working towards is air circulation and quality. Kampung Siglap Mosque will be installing more air-conditioners and blowers in hope to create a more conducive and comfortable environment for our dear congregants, students, and other Mosque users. The air-conditioners will cater for classes, Friday prayers…

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Ramadan Quote Day 30 : Spread Allah’s Mercy for All

30 Ramadan 2019 MERCY TOWARDS FAMILY, NEIGHBOURS & COMMUNITY Spread Allah’s Mercy for All “Allah divided His mercy into one hundred parts. He kept ninety nine parts with Him and sent down one part to the earth, and because of that one single part, His creations are merciful to each other. (such that) Even the…

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