1001 Secrets: Talk Show + Nasyid

How is your relationship with the Qur’an? Getting distant?

Don’t worry! We have just the forum for YOU.

In this collaborative event between the youths of Masjid Mydin and Kampung Siglap Mosque, 1001 SECRETS will touch on exciting topics such as Wisdom and Power of the Qur’an. Wonder what 3R du’a is? Learn about this powerful du’a and why it is importantly relevant to us Youths.

Fancy stories that can motivate you and touch your heart?

Hear these stories and discover the secrets of the Quran in 1001 Secrets with Ust Syamir as the Moderator, Ustazah Izzah, Ust Tamlikha and Ust Zahil as our lovely panel of speakers. So make sure to catch their tips in gaining a stronger connection with the Quran!

Plus, to make it even more interesting, enjoy a wonderful and soothing Nasyid from our dear brothers; Bro Muhammad, Ustaz Burhan and Bro Areef!

All these for FREE!

So what are you waiting for? Register NOW at: tinyurl.com/1001SECRETS

Open to all YOUTH. See you there!