Frequently Asked Questions

General Information on Masjid Kampung Siglap (MKS)

How do I contact MKS? What are the operating hours?

Here's our contact page information.


How can I get to MKS?

We are reachable at the following address:


By bus: 

Bus stop at MKS (93031):
4N, 31, 43, 47, 48, 196, 196E, 197, 853C

Bus stop opp MKS (93201) :
31, 36, 43, 47, 48, 55, 135, 155, 196, 196E, 197, 401, 853C

Nearest train:

  • Bedok MRT 

By car: 

Park within the mosque vicinity, subject to available slots. 


How do I submit feedback?

You may send our feedback online via the our contact page with Subject: [Feedback]


How do I apply for a job at MKS?

Like our Facebook page and do look out for our broadcast & website under Tab (Career). 

Is musollah for Muslimah available during Friday prayers?

Yes, we do. Musollah is available for Muslimah during Friday prayers. 

Muslimah prayer hall is located at level 1 beside the lift. 

Can I use CDA (Baby Bonus) card for my child's school registration?

Yes, CDA card can be used for your child school registration, strictly for Kindergarten students only. 


Do you accept NETS to make payment?

Yes, we do accept NETS to make payment. 

Can i make payment via Internet-Banking?

Yes, you may make payment via Internet Banking to our OCBC account.

Please call 62437060 or talk to our friendly Customer Service at the Counter for the Account No. 

However, please provide us the following so that we know payment has been made from you for our next follow-up:

  1. Name:
  2. Date & Time:
  3. Payment for:


Facilities around Masjid Kampung Siglap (MKS)

Are there any eateries in the vicinity?

Cafe in our vicinity is currently not in operation. 

For more varieties:

  • Restaurants & Fast Food along Upper East Coast Road
  • Parkway Parade is about 7 bus stops away from our location. 
  • Bedok Interchange/Bedok Mall etc is about 7 bus stops away from our location. 
Where can I withdraw cash?

Nearest ATMs available at:

  • SPC Petrol Station - DBS & OUB
  • Parkway Parade
Can we book a place for wedding & what are the fees?

Thank you for choosing Masjid Kampung Siglap as a venue for your special day.

However, we can only accomodate for Nikah occasion, subject to our availability.

Please be informed that we don't allow any wedding catering to be at Masjid Kampung Siglap.  
Should there be any food and drinks to be given away to your guests, it should be done in take-away packagings.

Please send us the booking details to at least 1 month in advance:

  • Applicant's Name:
  • Name of the bride/groom: 
  • Date of Nikah:
  • Time:

Confirmation of booking is upon your reply to our email. We will secure your booking once it is successful. The ceremony will be at the Main Prayer Hall. 

We require no charges for the ceremony.  However, we appreciate Derma Ikhlas or purchase of Quran Mushaf Singapura as a token of contribution from the newly bride and groom.

On the day of the nikah ceremony, please be reminded of the muslimah dressing code in the main prayer hall.

Social Development-related Enquiries/Information

Am i eligible to apply financial assistance at Masjid Kampung siglap?

You may apply for financial assistance if your residence postal code begins with 1st two digits of 6-digits 39, 44, 45 (Joo chiat, Old airport road, Cassia Crescent & Marine parade). Otherwise, we will refer you to the mosque within your area.

How do I apply for Financial assistance?

Reach us by phone at 62437060 and make an appointment with our Social Development Officer (SDO) for available date and time. 


What should I bring during appointment for first time applicant?

Please bring along the following : 

1)Your NRIC, NRIC of spouse, family members within the same household
2)Birth certificate of children
3)Marriage and divorce certificate if applicable
4)Latest payslip
5)Latest CPF statement
6)Updated bank book/updated bank statement
7)Medical appointment card/medical memo/medical bill
8)Latest Service&Conservancy charges bill,Latest Power supply bill and HDB rental bill
9)Prison's visitor card, if applicable
10)Documents on assistance received from other organisation,if applicable
How long does it take for approval?

We will take around 6-8 weeks after date of assessment/review.

How do I know if my application is successful?

Once your application has been assessed and approved, you will receive a letter through mail and cash through giro in your bank account.